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At Vehicle Solution Centre we realize that customers can almost always find a car dealer that can get them approved, but when you factor in high interest rates, longer finance terms and older vehicles, what is the real cost of that approval? What are you really getting into?

Vehicle Solutions Centre

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We change the way people with credit difficulties purchase or lease vehicles, and with our financing department and our in-house leasing department we know we are able to offer them a selection of new and late model low mileage quality pre-owned vehicles with finance rates lower then most banks or credit unions.

Vehicle Solutions Centre

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Carefully fill out the information on our form and the application will be sent to our credit specialists. After your approved with the amount to be financed, one of our specialists will contact you to discuss the details.

It’s that simple, it’s that easy. Fill out a credit application today, without any obligation.

It’s not about having good credit it’s about your ability to make payments, even if you have been turned down someplace else.

At Vehicle Solution Centre we look at the customer, their current situation and their ability today to make monthly payments, NOT what has happened in the past.


We are confident that should a customer take a look at our Vehicle Solution Centre alternative and compare us to the other programs they will see that;

Our philosophy

Our program

Our people make the difference when you need it the most


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I recently had to make some big financial decisions leaving me wonder how I would get into another v...


We where in the market for a car to replace our current one which had begun to cost us in repairs. A...

Greg and Kendra

During the early spring of 2015 I reached a point where I felt a new vehicle would benefit my busine...


I was referred to Frank by my husband’s friend. Upon our initial meeting, I could tell Frank g...


A family member referred me to Frank after he helped them track down the car they were looking for a...


Just wanted to send in a little note thanking Frank and his team. They really helped my family out w...


I was referred to Frank Gucciardi several years ago when I purchased my very first car and I will co...


Frank was recommended to us a few years ago. We are now on our second car and I just want to say tha...

Mike and Debbie

I was put in contact with Frank last year by my son who purchased a vehicle from him. I was in dire...


Words really can’t describe what Frank did for me. I was in a consumer proposal and in dire ne...


Email from one of New Beginnings client I had the pleasure to assist. Sent: Thursday, June 03, 2010...

Frank & Robin


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