I recently came to the decision to purchase a new vehicle. As a recent graduate with bad credit I had very few options available to me. After shopping around at various used car dealerships and having no luck, a good friend directed me to Frank.From our very first conversation I knew that Frank genuinely wanted to help. He reassured me that although my position was difficult he would do whatever he possibly could to help get me into a vehicle and in the future when my credit was repaired into a brand new vehicle. I can honestly say, after my luck up until this point I had my doubts.A few days later Frank called me up and we discussed finances and what exactly I was looking for. I told Frank that ideally I would love to get into a pick up truck due to the weather where I live, the drives I need to make for work and for work itself. Although I preferred a pick up truck I would be happy with anything that was more reliable than my current vehicle.Within a week Frank called me back and told me he had a gift for me. Against all odds he had found me a truck, and my utter shock and disbelief it was a brand new pick up truck.Frank and his team worked a miracle for me that day. I was in contact with one of them on almost a daily basis while they worked their magic.Yesterday I drove off the lot in my first ever brand new vehicle and it is all thanks to Frank and his amazing team.The amount of time and energy they devoted to my case continues to have me awe struck. They literally went above and beyond and bent over backwards to help someone they had never met. I have never encountered such generosity and caring from strangers let alone a business. I feel like I have gained new friends in Frank, Azad, Mary and Sandra.While I was completing paperwork at the dealership I was told that the two biggest purchases most of us make in life are a new vehicle and a home and that this team strives to give their customers the best possible experience they can. I must say this could not have been said any better because this is a moment in my life I will forever be grateful for and will cherish for the rest of my days.I will be buying my next vehicle from Frank and I will tell my story to anyone who is willing to listen.I love my new truck it is more than I could ever have hoped for before I met Frank.Anyone who takes the time to read this testimonial, just know you are in great hands with Frank and his team, keep your chin up and know that no matter what this man will do everything in his power to help you.


Working with Frank was indeed a pleasure. He did an excellent job with helping me to obtain my new Ford vehicle and reliving me of a very stressful situation. The biggest difference was that Frank genuinely cared, he was “hands on” and delivered quick results.I now have a new and reliable car with payments that I can afford. He delivered as promised with professionalism, and proved that his customers needs were important.I would definitely recommend his services to my family and friends. Thank you Frank for helping me to get a fresh start and into a vehicle that I enjoy driving!


Being a first time car owners, we had NO clue what we were supposed to do. We didn’t know the process, but had a good idea of which vehicle we wanted. Frank was so kind, extremely helpful and was patient with us as we went through the process. At no time were we unsure, confused and doubtful. The process was quick and easy and FUN! He was extremely thorough and exceptionally knowledgeable about the vehicle we chose. His excitement for us added to our own excitement. He actually genuinely cared, which made the process meaningful. We are in love with our new vehicle, and would wholeheartedly recommend Frank to anyone.


I had a really good experience with Frank and Taylor. I was able to get a nice new’ish (2013 Ford Fusion SE with less than 19,000 kms) with a good payment (less than $400/month), and while in a Consumer Proposal (3+ of 5 years done), at approximately half the interest rate of other people I know, that aren’t in a proposal, and some others that almost have bankruptcy off their credit report. The whole process took 2 or 3 weeks (I wasn’t in a hurry), and had the vehicle delivered very nicely to our house, ready to rock, nice and clean, and almost an hour early. If we didn’t get a good price or payment, we could have waited, but to help us, I’m pretty sure Taylor worked with management, and us, to get us the best possible deal, both price wise, and interest wise. They got us a deal, I couldn’t refuse. Thanks guys 🙂


We’d like to express our appreciation to Frank & Taylor for finding us a beautiful car that not only fit our budget, but at a time we needed wheels ASAP. Within a few days of connecting with Frank we were driving our 2015 Chrysler 200!Thank you, Frank, for being more than a professional, but a man who cares for people, as seen even in your follow-up call. You’ve made dream come true for us!

Keith & Melinda

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